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Hydronic Baseboard Radiators – Runtal Experience

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Hydronic Baseboard Radiators – Runtal Experience:

Comfort: Runtal’s Comfort is Unsurpassed!

When it comes to making a house a home, there is no substitute for the comfort and convenience of Runtal Radiators. Runtal provides an exceptionally quiet blanket of radiant warmth with no drafts, cold spots, or dry air. Runtal provides easy to clean panels that hospitals have come to rely on, with durability to outlast even the most energetic wall bangers: from toddlers to teenagers. Runtal, because your family deserves to be comfortable and healthy the year round.

Style: Runtal Offers Styles to Meet Any Design Criteria

Finally, heating systems which can blend into a traditional décor, highlight an ultra modern design, or accent any style in between. From UF Series baseboard style, to VLX and VX wall panels, to fancy curves and dramatic room dividers, Runtal manufactures the perfect welded steel radiator for every application. Since Runtal manufactures an almost unlimited selection of sizes, colors, and heat outputs, Runtal is truly a designer’s dream. Innovation in architectural detail is no longer held hostage to “old rules” of mechanical heating systems. Imagine the possibilities, con?dent that the ?nal design will be comfortable and stylish. You’ll be proud to display Runtal in your home.

Economy: Runtal Radiators Significantly Increased Heat Transfer

Americans have long been accustomed to relatively inexpensive fuel. This situation has created an environment in which the “cost” of a heating system is usually only considered as the initial purchase and installation. However, as fuel costs, indoor pollutants, and system maintenance costs continue to increase, Americans are becoming increasingly concerned with the true cost of a comfortable indoor environment. Runtal’s unique ?attened tube design, combined with a rugged all welded steel construction allows for signi?cantly increased heat transfer. In addition, a well designed Runtal system allows for a smaller boiler and pump, and usually less piping. All this adds up to a “green”, comfortable, attractive, and efficient heating system for surprisingly little more than the old fashioned kind.

Quality: Runtal radiators are the Benchmark of High Quality Panel Radiators

Founded over 50 years ago in Switzerland, Runtal invented the panel radiator. For the past twenty years operating a state-of-the-art factory in Massachusetts, Runtal has made a commitment to serve the U.S. and Canadian markets. All products are designed to meet American building requirements and carry a limited five-year warranty. Runtal is absolutely the best hot water radiator in the world. It’s never too late to start being comfortable. So, add some Runtal quality to your life today.

Runtal’s Baseboard style – UF2, UF3, UF4, UF6 series- is ideal for those desiring a low profile. As a retro t, Runtal baseboard is a natural replacement for on-tube or cast iron. In these cases, it is often easiest to use the existing piping and simply order the appropriate lengths. Depending upon the heat output, or the desired design “look”, Runtal will supply baseboard styles ranging from 1 to 4 tubes high.

  • UF-2 6″ x 48″ – 600 BTUH/ft.
  • UF-3 9″ x 48″ – 770 BTUH/ft.
  • UF-4 12″ x 48″ – 930 BTUH/ft.
  • UF-6 18″ x 48″ – 1430 BTUH/ft.
  • UF-8 24″ x 48″ – 1810 BTUH/ft.

Runtal’s Wall Panel style – VLX and VX series – radiators are ideal for placement under windows or on walls where ?oor space is at a premium. When placed under windows, wall panels help eliminate cold spots and drafts while allowing curtains to hang to the ?oor. Wall panel radiators are available in a variety of heights and widths to suit most any need